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A second later the door splintered and exploded and two cops stormed into the tiny hotel room, guns drawn.

The Envelope

"I guess I get to root around in the Burger Shack dumpster now," he said.

This Sucks

"No," Susan snapped. She jabbed a finger toward Karen. "She made it very clear who her real friends are, and we didn't make the list."

Lost Track

It's funny what good music will do to you.


He was sprinting before anyone else moved. He hit Y and flipped his submachine gun around and pulled in the glock and tactical knife.

Travel Writing

Two Weeks in Timor (2005)

A Political Travelogue

Due Settimana in Italia (2007)

An Apolitical Travelogue

Two Weeks in Europe (2018)

Tales from a Stealth Holiday


Resist the Abyss

Why the Dragon in Grendel is Wrong (and Why It Matters)

A Profit Without Honors

Against the Business Model of Education

Global Economics 101

Five Things Everyone Should Know About the IMF, World Bank, and WTO

Global Economics 201

Five More Things Everyone Should Know About International Economics and "Free Trade"